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Apple fruit

Apple is one of the first fruit cultivated by humans and arguably one of the most popular fruits in the globe.  Apple is grown in temperate and almost cold environments around the world. and its history is profoundly intertwined with humanity. The variety of apples are very large and today there are more than 7500 types of apples, each of which is planted for a specific type of consumption. For example, apples that are used for cooking and fresh fruit are completely different from apples used to produce wine, vinegar or other dink consumption.

Export of Iranian apple

Being favorite in all of the world, apple is cultivated in most part of the globe. According to the latest published statistics from the World Trade Organization (WTO) Iran is at the sixth place among   all apple exporter. Therefore, due to the increase in global demand for fresh apple, the U.S. Department of Agriculture anticipate the suppliers of fresh apple in the world tend to escalate their productions by millions of tons. The brute fact is that Iran with widespread cultivation of fresh apple playing a significant role in meeting the growing global demands of fresh apple. Azerbaijan and Isfahan have the main Iranian apple gardens. Tara exports apple orchard is located in Semirom region in Isfahan province, which is a unique area for planting high quality apples.  Regarding high quality and Varity of apples in this apple gardens, every year many merchants travel to this region for visiting and buying these kinds of apples. many countries such as Oman, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, India, Emirates are so enthusiastic about Iranian apples.

Apple market in Iran:

geographical location of Iran makes this country one of the pioneer countries in apple exporting. Iranian apples have different specification like, firmness, color, taste and aroma and variety, that’s why other countries are fascinated by Iranian apples. In the meanwhile, Semirom is one of the premier locations in Iran for cultivating apples. In fact, Semirom is a city in the south of Isfahan province. This city is the second highest city in Iran with an altitude of about 2,500 meters above sea level. In general, the reputation of Semirom's apple orchards is due to the planting of these apples in specific climatic and geographical conditions, including high altitude above sea level and mountain climate with cold winters, which is a rare feature in the world.

Tara export company, function professionally as a premier Iranian apple exporter. We export all of our fresh apple products directly from our own produce, well-established contracted producer and cold rooms whom we consider. Tara export have its own team for production operations and harvest. Hence, we are committed to supply best taste and highest quality Iranian apples.

 Importing apple from Iran

Apple with the scientific name Malus domestica is grown in the many regions of the world, this fruit has two main types in general wild and cultivated. people first started to cultivate apples and spread them along the Silk Road. Being located on the Silk Road, Iran has been exporting apples for a long time and also has expanded its exports significantly in recent decades. Tara export founded as superior supplier of Iranian apples to make continuous and permanent cooperation with traders. “Rest assured that customer-centricity is our culture”.

 Iranian apple

There are various types and shape of apple fruits in Iran. This variety begins from the type of seedling and growing underground stem to final apples size, colors, shape and even taste. But generally, the most common are Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith and Royal Gala. These apples, in addition to the difference in appearance, each has its own unique properties and taste.

Red Delicious apple:

 When it comes to red apple, Red Delicious apple is what comes to mind. This type of apple has creamy flesh with fluffy texture, soft and juicy. attractive red color and fragrant aroma of red apple beside its sweet taste has made it a good candidate for widely using as fresh fruit and in the preparation of jams, desserts, etc…these reasons caused that Red Delicious apple gained more popularity and supremacy than other types of apples.

After harvesting apples, Iranian red apple is stored in cold room in range of -1 to 4 degree and also, the packaging of apples for export should be in a way that air can pass through them well. This apple can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. Iranian Red Delicious apple is considered as a priority in the choice of consumers and importers due to the suitable planting and harvesting conditions.

Red Delicious

Golden Delicious apple:

Yellow or golden apple is one of the most popular apples in the Iranian apple market. Golden Delicious apples have white and crispy flesh that have a very sweet taste. These apples are almost rounder than the Red Delicious and sometimes have a blush. Yellow apple has a different taste according to the climate in which it grows. For example, apples grown in cool climates will have a sweeter taste. Since Semirom and Padna are located in cold and mountainous regions, yellow apples grown in this area have a very sweet and pleasant taste. This apple is a desirable choice for cooking and use as fresh fruit. Tara Expert has been established as a top supplier of Semirom and Padna apples. Our commitment is to provide a fresh and high-quality product.

Golden Delicious

Granny smith:

 This type of apple has a green color with a Tart and sweet taste. Its fruits are large and semi-sized. The fruits of this type are late apple and are harvested in the middle of October. Granny Smith is favorite for salads and snacks. Using this type of apple is effective for weight loss and stabilization of blood sugar.

Price of Iranian apple

 Iran is one of the significant suppliers of apples and other fruits in the middle east. Hence, first attractive factors for foreign merchants are apple price. But, overall, the price of apples is affected by weather conditions, demands of the country, quality, size of apples that determine the grade of apple, export conditions and etc.

 Why you should choose Tara export to buy apple?

  • You can employ inspection companies such as SGS to ensure quality
  • The representative of your company can be present when buying and even when loading apples
  • we will implement the complete process of customs clearance and custom affairs of your purchase in Iran.
  • our dedication is keeping our products fresh and quality is maintained during the packaging process as well
  • our packaging is customizable according to client requirements; even you can send your own packaging to Iran
  • Tara Export bring you one step closer to More confident purchase by providing conditions for visiting before buying

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