We will undertake a complete process of packaging, domestic and international transportation, insurance, customs clearance and custom affairs of your purchase in Iran. Our experience has proved that our clients pursue a continuous relationship with Tara Export team after their first purchase.
Currently, Tara export has no active representation in other countries. However, one of Tara's perspective is to develop relations with other countries by establishing active offices and creating business partners.
Commitment, transparency and accountability are the key values of Tara Export team. You or agent are welcome to Iran for monitoring in person the product loading, our office, product and packaging inspection. Of course, we will also provide you a live and online display of your order in different stages until the departure of your cargo from Iran. We also allow to inspection companies like SGS to be presented for the authenticity and quality of the product before container loading.
Our property is our clients. Because, we are seeking for a long-term relationship. Really, our brand and our country are our first priority. We promise; you will be determined for continuing trade with us after your first purchase; with a calm mind for many years. Let’s give this opportunity to each other.
Iran, contrary to what foreign media show in, is a beautiful country with a 3500-years history of civilization. Of course, the thought and world view of its people is very different from its political statesmen. Iran is considered as one of the leading and developing countries in the Middle East region. According to the World Trade Organization, Iran exports more than more than 100 billion dollars annually. Iran has lots of iconic building and towers, spectacular buildings, rich people, giant companies and factories; and most of its folks can speak or understand English. In this regard, our best suggestion to customers who are afraid of doing business with Iran is to invite them to Iran to a recreational or business trip. Tara Export managing is ready to arrange and host our customer trip.
Despite sanction, Iran have had more than 45 billion dollars export in the first 6 month of 2023 to other country. Herein, more than 40 countries buy fruits and foodstuffs directly from Iran. Even, many European and American countries trade with Iran through changing the Bill of lading and origin, which can be easily done with many forwarders and carriers. So, sanction is not a barrier for trading with Iran. The most important challenge are bank payments due to sanction on bank system and LC payment. The best solution of Tara Export is cash payment or payment through overseas exchange office, paid after approval with customers or their agent or inspection companies.
Apple is our main product, and we are specialist on it. But, due to our accountability, transparency, commitment and our dominance on export affairs from Iran country, some of our clients after their sweet experience of purchase from us will ask Tara Export team for other products originated in Iran. According to our long-term cooperation with our clients, will do our best for them in other fields where possible.