Who are we?

Tara export is an exporting brand of the several apple gardens located in Semirom territory of Iran country. Our headquarter is located in Isfahan city. In fact, the history of planting apples in this region goes back to a long period of time due to a cold weather and an ideal geographical condition for apple planting. Tara export brand is subsidiary of Tara Tejarat Sanat Taj Company with registration number of 70471 In Iran government. In this regard, Hamid Tajizadegan and Mozhgan Salehi are the founders of Tara Export.
Iran is one of the most famous countries with potential for exporting of fresh apple fruit according to ICC statistics, representing export of 50 million $ and 110.000 tons yearly. In this regard, with the aim of a durable and high-quality packaging and also a live marketing for apple farmers and gardeners, Tara Export was created to linking overseas markets to our domestic apple gardener’s union.

who we are

How could you trust us?

Our vision to our clients is commitment to a long-term cooperation, which this can be fulfilled just by a full satisfaction of high-quality products and services. Our gardens are located in Semirom region, Isfahan city, Iran, and you buy your fresh apple directly from us. Indeed, apple is our main product that we are specialist on it. Also, we are a registered company by a genuine identity in ministry of commerce of Iran government. We know you still have concerns about Iran country with its sanction’s problems. So, Buyers or their agents can be present in Iran to monitor in person all stages including loading and transportation.
Although, we ourselves will provide you a live and online display of your order in different stages when you want, making you more relaxed and confident about your purchase. Also, we know you have concerns for money payment. In this regard, we welcome inspection companies like SGS, and you can make the payment after their approval. Tara Export is focused on making a memorable business experience with Iran country for overseas clients. Thus, we will undertake the complete process of packaging, transportation, insurance, customs clearance and custom affairs of your purchase in Iran. Our experience has proved that our clients pursue a continuous relationship with Tara Export team after their first purchase.

How could you trust us

What is our vision and mission?

Tara Export vision is to be a leading company in the field of exporting Iran apple through a high-quality products and services.
Our property is our customers.
So, Tara Export mission is to provide our clients with a high level of satisfaction and trust.

What is our vision and mission

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Hamid Tajizadegan


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Mozhgan Salehi

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